week 5 and week 6

GSoC’16 mid term evaluation has complete and i’m happy that my mentor pass me. here is what my mentor said in my evaluation “Tyagi is going good work. He is methodically working through the things we need to implement, both on the back end to enumerate objects, and also flexibly exploring the options we have … Continue reading week 5 and week 6

Week 1 and Week 2

So the coding period for GSoC’16 has just started and i started to write code for my project “Pkcs11 ┬áCertificate Chooser” Week 1 and Week 2, following work has been done. Add shell of certificate-chooser, derived from pkcs11-import-dialog Add certificate chooser test Add docs for GcrCertificateChooserDialog import existing test code Added a first page to … Continue reading Week 1 and Week 2